Honor Professionals and Students with a WOTA Award!

Nominate people who exemplify leadership, professionalism and who have contributed to the Occupational Therapy profession!  WOTA accepts nominations, and recipients are awarded as part of the WOTA Annual Conference. The following award categories are available:

Lifetime Achievement Award: To honor members who have demonstrated at least 20 years of sustained activity in occupational therapy.

Award of Distinction: To honor members who have demonstrated a long commitment of service (10 or more years) to the profession and have made outstanding contributions in two of the following areas: leadership, education, practice or research.

Award of Excellence: To honor those persons who have excelled in one of the following areas: Therapeutic practice, Research, Administration, Communication, Leadership, Education.

Student Award of Excellence: To recognize a WOTA student member who has accomplished more than a typical student while in an OT/OTA program. This student would be an example to other students of how important and beneficial it is to go above and beyond normal responsibilities of a student in the areas of volunteer work, gaining professional experience (including participation in a professional association (WOTA), and leadership skills. The nominee shall be a WOTA (WSOTA) member.

Award of Service: To recognize individual members of the WOTA who have provided service to the association and/or profession.

Award of Appreciation: To acknowledge an individual or group of individuals whose services or contributions are clearly beyond those of normal professional duties or responsibilities in WOTA or AOTA.

Collaborative Award of Appreciation: This award expresses the appreciation of WOTA for extraordinary contributions to the advancements of occupational therapy by nonmembers.

Lifetime Membership & Retired Member Award: A retired member who has demonstrated distinguished service in the field of occupational therapy, has retired from the practice of occupational therapy.

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