Download our Revised, 2022 Bylaws here.
Why did we revise the bylaws?
The WOTA Board reviewed our current structure, and determined that we need to simplify our processes and positions in order to more accurately reflect the needs of the association. The new version was drafted and approved by the Board. It was then approved by membership vote on October 21 at our Annual Conference.
The new bylaws reduce the size of the board to 7, with 5 voting members. It changes the roles to have each position commitment last for one year. The President's responsibility lasts 3 years. One as president-elect, one as president and one as past-president. We hope this structure encourages more people to consider running for board positions, and also allows the association to maintain a historical record.
What is next?
We need nominations for our new board positions. Nominations close on November 11, 2022. Then we will do an electronic vote to elect officers for our 2023 year.
Submit a Board Nomination here