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The brain’s air traffic controller: executive functioning in pediatric settings
Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM CDT
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The brain’s air traffic controller: executive functioning in pediatric settings 

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  1. Define executive functioning and its impact on populations
  2. Discuss pros and cons of different executive functioning assessments
  3. Demonstrate ability to write and identify appropriate goals for billing and reimbursement
  4. Implement evidence-based interventions based on different executive functioning needs




Zeki AbuLughod, OTS

Zeki AbuLughod is an occupational therapy student at Mount Mary University. While completing coursework at Mount Mary, Zeki had the honor of serving as a board member of SOTA. He is completing his level II fieldwork at GiGi’s Playhouse, alongside his classmate, working together to develop evidence-based programming for a new program called GiGi Prep. The programs focus on transitional opportunities, employment, self-advocacy, and increased independence for adults diagnosed with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. In addition, facilitating GiGi’s TeenTastic programming, encouraging social skills, understanding boundaries and relationships and self-advocacy across various environments for teenagers. He is also completing level II fieldwork with WOTA, independently researching potential areas of increased involvement for occupational therapists and encouraging Wisconsin-based occupational therapists to be politically involved. Alongside his classmates, he is also developing strategies to increase occupational therapy student enrollment with the State organization. 


Whitney Nett, OTS


Whitney Nett is an occupational therapy student at Mount Mary University. She is currently completing her level II fieldwork placement with Rehab Resources and WOTA. With Rehab Resources, Whitney is focusing on providing the OT staff with education on executive functioning interventions and goals. Whitney is completing a project with WOTA and her classmates on increasing student engagement and maintaining memberships for new graduates while also advocating for the OT profession in the state of Wisconsin.


Morgan Precour, OTS


Morgan Precour is an occupational therapy student at Mount Mary University. She is currently completing her dual level II fieldwork placement at WOTA and GiGi’s Playhouse in Fox Point, Wisconsin. With WOTA, Morgan is advocating for occupational therapy services across the state of Wisconsin and building student engagement and membership within WOTA. With GiGi’s Playhouse, Morgan is designing and implementing a new program, GiGi Prep, which focuses on building self-advocacy and independence in adults. She is also facilitating GiGi’s TeenTastic programming which focuses on improving social skills, self-advocacy, and relationships and boundaries in teeagers.


Nicole Boyington, OTD, OTR/L


Nicole Boyington has been an Occupational Therapist for 20 years.  She currently works as an academic fieldwork coordinator/assistant professor for Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, WI. She became a co-owner of a pediatric psychosocial practice in 2019.   Nicole has certifications in lymphedema, home modification, and is a certified aging in place specialist. Nicole currently volunteers her time with WOTA, AOTA, Waukesha County special needs committee, and as a parent to parent educator.  Nicole is an advocate for special needs families and the  OT community.