WOTA Values Leadership and Mentorship!

We know that the Occupational Therapy profession needs more leaders, managers, and mentors. The WOTA board has decided to help meet this need by launching two distinct programs to help OTs and OTAs grow in their skills, abilities and career opportunities.  WOTA members are encouraged to apply for either program. Each will launch in fall of 2020.

The purpose of the WOTA Leadership program is to develop leadership capacity for service to WOTA and the OT profession. Skills learned in the program may also apply to becoming a leader in your current job or another service organization. Learn about the leadership program here.  Apply to participate in the leadership program here.

 Our WOTA Mentorship program will provide a structured approach to mentoring that brings two people together based on professional goals and interests. The "mentor" is an experienced occupational therapist who shares knowledge, experience and advice with a less experienced occupational therapist or occupational therapist assistant, or "mentee." Learn about the mentorship program here.  Apply to participate in the mentorship program here.