Past Webinars

The links below are for individual webinars. In most cases, they are 1 hour long, and provide 1 CEU for participating. When you click the link, you'll be asked to register for the webinar. Then, a link to the webinar will arrive in your email inbox. This same email will contain your certificate, to show the CEU(s) earned for participating. Webinars are a member benefit. Questions? Contact the WOTA office at [email protected] or 608-819-2327.

Fostering Resiliency and Mindfulness: Led by Veronica Flower

Description:  In this webinar we will explore the trait characteristics of resilient or "hardy" persons along with the fostering of these qualities through the use of mindfulness practices.

Learning Objectives:
  1.  participants will be able to identify the key traits of resilient or "hardy" persons
  2. participants will be able to define the 8 Attitudes of Mindfulness
  3. participants will actively engage in 3 mindfulness practices and self-reflective journaling experiences
  4. participants will identify personal barriers to mindful living and an area of change to commit to

Part 2: New AOTA Fieldwork Evaluation Form

How Islands of Brilliance uses interests to drive outcomes and engagement in a community practice setting, led by Amy Mason and Margaret Fairbanks

Course Description:  The under/unemployment rate for those with autism is over 80%! In this webinar you will hear about a non-profit in Milwaukee that leverages strengths and interests for youth and young adults with autism to drive outcomes related to the development of social emotional learning and self-determination skills. You will also hear how occupational therapy has contributed to the development of programming at Islands of Brilliance.  Using an occupation-based approach combined with coaching techniques and a learning model built on empowerment, Islands of Brilliance connects with students online in art and design workshops. Hear about our student successes and learn about strategies that you can employ in your own occupational therapy practice.


Spotlighting Leadership Roles of OTAs in Emerging and Traditional Practice, led by Veronica Flower and Panelists

In this WOTA Webinar you will hear from Wayne Winistorfer who served on the Commision on Practice work group to explore the roles and responsibilities of OTAs and to make recommendations for the future opportunities for OTAs in Emerging Practice settings.  You will also have the opportunity to hear the stories of 3 COTAs and their journey from the academic world of FVTC's OTA Program to leadership positions that embody their passions for OT Practice!  



Sleep: The Undertreated ADL in Aging Adults
Led by Jennifer Labonte

The Collaborative AT and AAC Evaluation and Intervention Process for the OT/SLP Team
Led by Annabeth Knight and Mara Jonet

Learning Objectives:
1) Understand the basic principles of AAC and the  importance of advocating for  communication as a priority 
2) Identify evidence supporting an interdisciplinary collaboration approach in evaluation and treatment for children with complex communication needs
3) Describe the unique roles of an OT and SLP for AAC and AT service provision 
4) Explore gaps in basic competencies for AAC practitioners, and opportunities for growth through training and collaboration 

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Fall Prevention
Led by Paul Mross
1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will fall each year. The key factors contributing to fall prevention include balance, strength and the way a person walks. Yoga has an impact on all 3 of these risk factors. This workshop will explore fall prevention and where yoga fits into the current research landscape. This webinar will highlight instruction for occupational therapists to incorporate yoga and fall prevention information into their profession. This webinar will also introduce safe and effective ways for older adults to use yoga as a wellness tool. 

How to Start a Journal Club
Led by Dr. Wendie Leveille

1. Understand the definition of Journal Club
2. Identify benefits of Journal Club
3. Identify how and where to find appropriate journal articles
4. Identify elements/process of journal club
5. Identify how to obtain credit for journal club continuing education

Students and Anxiety

Led by Dr. April Doebert-Fischer and Dr. Nicole Boyington

1. Understand the stress and anxiety an OT student might have during the COVID-19 pandemic
2. Describe self-care for the practitioner and the OT student
3. Develop an understanding of the concept of resilience and the traits associated with resilience
4. Define mindfulness and identify application practices

A Positive Alternative to Handwriting Instruction

Participants will experience the frustration that comes with dysfluent handwriting
Participants will understand and value what research says about fluent handwriting
Participants will establish fundamental tools and essential strategies for handwriting fluency

Specialty Groups Panel: How COVID-19 is Shaping Occupational Therapy 
Join WOTA’s Specialty Groups Panel as OTs discuss their individual topics to include adjustments and modifications in relation to COVID-19. Panelists include Kelly Sajdak (home health), Joan Sorteberg (SNF and lymphedema/edema), Laura Nagel (outpatient pediatrics), Cindy Steinert (acute care) and Ali Richman (acute care). 

Navigating Teletherapy During COVID-19
This webinar was offered on Monday, April 13. It is now available in a recorded version, and is worth 1.5 CEUs.
It discusses integrating teletherapy into practice AND reimbursement procedures.
The webinar is free for WOTA members, or $120 for non-members (Membership is included with purchase).

Executive FUNction Skills in Pediatric Practice: Putting the Fun in Function  Led by Mikayla Freidel and Dawn Hergenrother

Do you work with children or young adults with ADHD or ASD? Do you know a child who has been labeled as lazy or inflexible? Often when children lack executive functioning skills they are misconstrued as lazy or inflexible. Are you interested in learning ways to help a child achieve his or her full potential? Attend this workshop and gain insight to current assessments for identifying executive functioning challenges, teaching strategies and environmental modifications.

The Happ:y Mat, helping kids find balance and play  Led by Paul Mross

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children develop the skills they need to gain independence by strengthening fine, sensory and visual motor skills.  There are about 31,000 occupational therapists who specialize in working with the pediatric community. The relationship that a therapist and their clients has is rooted in communication. Complex concepts presented by an occupational therapist are often hard to understand, especially for kids. This webinar will explore creative ways to address some of these basic communication challenges, potentially increase adherence to a home program and explore additional ways to simplify assessments.

Advocating Well for OT
Learn how to advocate effectively for the Occupational Therapy Profession. Bob Welch, former legislator and WOTA lobbyist, will discuss the best ways to reach your legislators, and prepare you for the 2020 OT Day at the Capitol!

PDGM Overview and Open Q&A

OT Interventions for Clients with Addiction Challenges

Direct Access for Occupational Therapists: 2019
This webinar includes a look at 3 different OT providers who are using Direct Access in their practices. There is a $10 fee for this webinar.

PDPM Updated Rules and Regulations

Reflective Supervision

Chronic Pain


Is a Clinical Doctorate right for you?

Swallow 101 for the OT 

Breaking Ground Work for Level 1 Students

Legislation 101 with WOTA Lobbyist Bob Welch

The new SNF Payment model is here: A Review of the PDPM and implications for OT services

Fishing Has No Boundaries: Care and Share the Benefits of Fishing

Integrative Yoga as Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy and School Mental Health Services: Providing Services as SISP’s under ESSA

Clinical Instructor Workshop for Developing a Successful Toolkit